Past Speakers

“Underserved Groups at UTMB: Historical Perspective, Current and Future Initiatives”

Paula Summerly, PhD, MSc, and Alfredo G. Torres, PhD, MS

UTMB defines diversity, equity, and inclusion through its 130-year history, institutional memory, shared values, and traditions. Historical sources are neither neutral nor complete. Some stories have been prioritized over others. In-depth historical research can unearth fragmentary narratives which may enhance our understanding of how diversity, equity, and inclusion have changed over time.  

Learning Objectives:
1. Gain an understanding of relevant sources relating to UTMB’s history.

2. Understand how diversity, equity, and inclusion have changed over time.

Friday, April 29, 2022 • View the recording online.

Paula Summerly, PhD, MSc, has an academic background in the history of medicine, paleopathology, and combined and media arts. She has curated medical exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic and served as a curatorial consultant on Dirt: The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life and Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime temporary exhibitions hosted by Wellcome Collection, London, UK. Currently, she is curator of the Old Red Medical Museum at UTMB. The museum will be housed in the former dissection laboratory on the top floor of Old Red, the oldest surviving medical school building west of the Mississippi River. The exhibits will showcase a selection of UTMB’s 2,000 historical anatomical and pathology specimen collections.

Alfredo G. Torres, PhD, MS, is the Herman Barnett Distinguished Professor in Microbiology and Immunology, and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He is a peer-recognized bacteriologist/vaccinologist with extensive experience in the study of bacterial pathogens causing diarrheal disease or biodefense-related organisms. He has published extensively on topics related to microbial pathogenesis, food safety, therapeutics, vaccine development, and diversity and inclusion. He has been heavily involved in teaching and mentoring a diverse group of trainees at the local, national, and international level as well as participating in faculty support and development at UTMB and in Latin America or as part of educational committees of the American Society for Microbiology. At UTMB, he has led the efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion across the Academic Enterprise.

Provost Lecture Series

The world of health care is facing unprecedented social, political and financial challenges.

One of the most proactive and productive things we can do in this era of change is to learn from each other and other leaders with knowledge of the current issues that scientists, educators, health care providers and staff members of an academic medical center may face.

The Provost's Lecture Series was created to invite experts to our community to share their unique perspectives at UTMB, to engage us in discussion and inspire us as we work together to improve health here and around the globe.

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