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Lee Hage Jamail
Student Center, 3rd Floor

301 University Blvd.
Galveston, Texas
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Phone: (409) 747-9508
Fax: (409) 747-9330
Email: SHCemail@utmb.edu
Hours: Mon-Friday, 8am - 5 pm

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Counseling and Psychological Services is strongly committed to promoting the healthy development of our diverse student body. Diversity is broadly defined in terms of age, national origin, racial background, cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, mental abilities, veteran status, and physical abilities. We are committed to helping students from all cultures and backgrounds achieve their personal and academic goals. We are committed to providing a safe, affirming, and trusting environment where all students are welcomed, respected, and appreciated. We strongly believe that the diversity of our student body enriches our community. We extend a particular welcome to students experiencing discrimination.

UTMB CAPS strives to create an environment characterized by inclusiveness and understanding of each other’s differences, and treating others with respect. We recognize and acknowledge the impact of stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, power, and privilege and believe these practices can be detrimental to human development. We farther believe that prejudice, discrimination, and oppression are detrimental to the practice of psychotherapy, consultation, programming and the development of colleagueship among staff. We are committed to working against discrimination, prejudice, and oppression.

The staff at CAPS commits to our own continued growth in understanding diversity issues and strives to integrate multicultural awareness into all aspects of our work. We encourage professional self-exploration, taking responsibility, reciprocal feedback, and multicultural skill development among all staff members. We believe that this exploration will allow staff to learn and grow in a multicultural context and enhance the services we provide to a diverse student population. We also believe that learning to be sensitive to others enhances staff members and allows us to provide the highest quality of care. We continue to see opportunities to learn about other cultures and their worldviews.