Center for Health Promotion, Performance, and Rehabilitation Research


Our Mission & Vision

CHPPRR focuses on the optimization of health across the lifespan through research and discovery of innovative health interventions and outcomes focused on individuals impacted by disability, health inequities, or health conditions. CHPPRR is the scientific home for person-centered and community-based health research focused on at UTMB, bringing together researchers, educators, clinicians, and community members to use prevention and treatment to optimize health.

CHPPRR values

  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Discovery
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge Generation
  • Transformation of Health

History of the Center

The Center for Rehabilitation Sciences was established in 2001 by Dr. Kenneth Ottenbacher in the School of Health Professions. During the early years of the Center's development, the Division, the Center, and the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program were closely integrated and shared resources, core faculty, and support services. In 2013, the Center changed to the Center for Recovery, Physical Activity, and Nutrition with the addition of Dr. Blake Rasmussen to the leadership.

Under the leadership of Drs. Ottenbacher and Rasmussen, CeRPAN established outstanding infrastructure to support research related to rehabilitation, disability, recovery, physical, activity, and nutrition including a respected PhD program, NIH/AHRQ T32 funding for PhD students, NIDRR funding for postdoctoral fellows, an NIH K12 early career development grant, an NIH R24 and P2C infrastructure grants for large data research and data sharing and two NIH U01 national consortium grants on physical activity.

In 2022, the focus of the Center expanded and the name changed to the Center for Health Promotion, Performance, and Rehabilitation Research (CHPPRR) to reflect the new mission and vision. With the leadership of Drs. Carole A. Tucker and Missy Morrow, CHPPRR will advance UTMB institutional research priorities in lifespan, brain, and metabolic health through interdisciplinary collaborations across the enterprise.

CHPPRR Laboratories

The CHPPRR labs include

  • Lifespan Health Laboratory (SHP/SON 1.418)
  • Community Health Laboratory (SHP/SON 1.424)
  • Digital Health Technology Laboratory (SHP/SON 1.436)
  • Human Performance and Recovery Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.205)
  • Neuromotor and Pain Sciences Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.250)
  • Metabolic Health Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.252)
  • Muscle Function and Plasticity Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.254)
  • Functional Assessment and Biomechanics (FAB) Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.258)
  • Movement Analysis and Technology (MAT) Laboratory (SHP/SON 3.810)

The Center's core research areas and laboratories are further linked through 3 cross cutting initatives.

  • Data Analytics & Measurement Science
  • Dissemination & Implementation Science
  • Training and Mentorship

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