Center for Health Promotion, Performance, and Rehabilitation Research

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CHPPRR Laboratories

  • Lifespan Health Laboratory (SHP/SON 1.418)
  • Community Health Laboratory (SHP/SON 1.424)
  • Digital Health Technology Laboratory (SHP/SON 1.436)
  • Human Performance and Recovery Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.205)
  • Neuromotor and Pain Sciences Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.250)
  • Metabolic Health Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.252)
  • Muscle Function and Plasticity Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.254)
  • Functional Assessment and Biomechanics (FAB) Laboratory (SHP/SON 2.258)
  • Movement Analysis and Technology (MAT) Laboratory (SHP/SON 3.810)

Technology Resources

* indicates mobile or wearable system that can be used outside the laboratory

Imaging Systems

  • Sonosite Ultrasound System

Motion Capture Systems

Force & Pressure Measurement Systems

Physical Activity

  • * Actigraph Sensors
  • * Fitbit Sensors
  • * Apple watches

Instrumented Treadmills & Accessory Systems

  • Body Weight Supported Treadmill System
  • ResistX for apply resistive forces during treadmill locomotion
  • Bertec split-belt, force plates instrumented treadmill


  • Biodex System 4 Dynamometer_ Multi Joint measurement system


  • * Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG System (16 Channels)
  • Motion Lab Surface EMG System (6 channels)

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

Neuromotor Measurement Systems

  • Digitimer Direct current stimulator to apply electrical stimulation to the specific peripheral nerve for H-reflex  and M-wave measures
  • DuoMag Transcranial magnetic stimulation for cortical neuronal excitation measurement.
  • NIRX Functional near-infrared spectroscopy to measure changes both in oxy- and deoxyhemoglobin concentration between different brain regions
  • Soterix Medical Transcranial direct current stimulation system to modulate cortical neuronal activities
  • Muse 2 Headbands (EEG)

Dry Needling

  • ITO ES-160 Programmable Electroacupuncture Device with 6 Output Channels and Various Stimulation Modes
  • Pointer Excel II LT Electrical Stim Unit
  • ITO ES-130 3-channel Palm-sized Electroacupuncture Device with 3 Output Channels

Exercise & Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Treadmills, ergometers, free weights, rower
  • High/low exam tables
  • Padded floor mats
  • Detecto Icon Digital Scale with a sonar height rod
  • Balance Foam Testing pads
  • Plyometric Jump Boxes
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Blood Pressure Monitors and Cuffs


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