Spring 2024 New Faculty Orientation and Reception

Thank you for joining us!


Thank you for participating in the New Faculty Orientation & Reception on May 1, 2024.

The goal for this program was to formally introduce and connect health system leadership and their resources to all faculty, and to encourage interdepartmental networking amongst faculty.

The following resources are now available:

  • New Faculty Handout of new faculty (those who started between April 2023 – March 31,2024)
  • Presenting Leaders Handout of leaders who presented at orientation
  • Presentation Slides
  • Recording of the TEAMS meeting

Questions? Contact Lindsay Davis at ldsatter@utmb.edu


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New Faculty Members

View the latest additions of faculty members who joined UTMB between April 2023 and March 31, 2024.

View New Faculty Members


Check out the institutional leaders who participated in our New Faculty Orientation to share insights about their respective areas.

View the Presenters


Information Sessions

To view each presentation individually, click on the respective link below. Alternatively, click here to see all presentations at once.

3:00 p.m.Dr. Charles Mouton
Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean,
John Sealy School of Medicine
Welcome & Institutional History
3:10 p.m.Dr. Susan Chubinskaya
Vice President and Executive Vice Provost,
Faculty Affairs
Faculty Affairs
3:20 p.m.Dr. Gulshan Sharma
Senior Vice President, Chief Medical & Clinical Innovation Officer
Health System Overview
3:30 p.m.Dr. Vicente Resto
Chief Physician Executive, Faculty Group Practice 
Senior Vice President, Health System Ambulatory Operations and Surgical Services
UTMB Clinical Mission
3:40 p.m.Lori Simon, BSN, RN, CCRP
Director, Office of Clinical Research
Clinical Research
3:50 p.m.Dr. Jerry Mansfield
Vice President and System Chief Nursing Executive
Nursing Excellence
4:00 p.m.Dr. Salim Hayek
Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, Faculty Group Practice
4:10 p.m.Dr. Sundeep Mattamana
Executive Director, 
Office of Technology Transfer
Innovation, Technology Development & Transfer
4:20 p.m.Dr. Alan Landay
Vice President, Team Science
Team Science
4:30 p.m.Natalia Glubisz, MHA, CRA
Associate Vice President,
Research Administration
Research Administration
4:40 p.m.Dr. Katie Branch
Vice President, Interprofessional Education and the Health Education Center
Interprofessional Education
4:50 p.m.Dr. Cara Geary
Chief Wellness Officer
Faculty Wellness
5:00 p.m.Dr. Holly West
Senior Medical Educator,
JSSOM Office of Educational Development
Academy of Master Teachers
5:10 p.m.Julie Trumble, MLIS
Associate Director, Library Services 
Library Services & Academic Resources
5:20 p.m.Dr. Shannan Rossi
Chair, Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate
5:30 p.m.Dr. Jochen Reiser
UTMB President and CEO, UTMB Health System
The UTMB Mission