Health Education CenterStaff Directory

HEC Administration
HEC 3.908

Interprofessional Education and Practice
HEC 3.208

Interprofessional Simulation Center Support Staff
HEC 4.412

Human Simulation
HEC 4.412

Non-human Simulation
HEC 2.410, HEC 5.248, HEC 2.914

Office of Life Support Education and Training
HEC 3.410, HEC 5.210

Software Systems
HEC 5.428/4.412C

HEC Faculty Liaisons

Bruce Adcock, Associate Professor of Instruction, Respiratory Care

Amy Boyd, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Occupational Therapy

Sarah Burnett-Greenup, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Sara Dann-Grice, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine - Infectious Disease, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Holly Goode, Assistant Professor of Instruction,  Physician Assistant Studies

Shinu Joy, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Nursing

Christopher Messenger, Assistant Professor, Nutrition Science and Health Behavior

Janna McGaugh, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Jacob Moses, Assistant Professor, Bioethics and Health Humanities

Andrew Roblyer, Director of Experiential Learning and Assessment, School of Medicine

Jose Rojas, Associate Professor and Chair, Respiratory Care

Tracy Toliver, Professor, Anesthesiology, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Josie Tombrella, Assistant Professor, Graduate Nursing