Health Education Center Contact Information:


(409) 266-0003

Health Education Center Kiosk and Public Bulletin Board Content Policy and Procedure

The Health Education Center (HEC) kiosks are only for displaying event information for the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Interprofessional Simulation Center, Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice, or the Office of Life Support Education and Training. All other announcements may be placed on the HEC public bulletin boards with approval from the HEC Administration Office. There are a total of five public bulletin boards in the HEC. Posted items must be reviewed and stamped by the HEC Administration Office. All bulletin board posts/posting will be allowed to be posted for one (1) month or until the event has concluded. HEC Business Operations staff will monitor the public bulletin boards and remove announcements that have passed their allotted month posting or once the event has concluded.

Bulletin Board Posting Approval Process:

  1. Seek approval to post (up to five (5) total flyers) on the public HEC bulletin boards by stopping by the HEC Administration Office located at HEC 3.908 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.
  2. If approved, the HEC administrative staff will initial and stamp the flyers with the expiration date the flyers may be posted in the HEC.
  3. The HEC Administration Office is not responsible for printing the flyers or posting the flyers on the HEC bulletin boards.
  4. All flyers posted on HEC public bulletin boards will be removed by HEC administration staff; if they do not have the approved stamp, have passed their one (1) month posting timeframe, or the event has concluded.
  5. The public bulletin boards will be monitored by the HEC administration staff every two weeks.
  6. All bulletin board flyers must adhere to UTMB Institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures (IHOP) Policy 02.07.05., Temporary Signs Standards

Health Education Center Donation Bin Policy and Procedure

The following policy and procedure must be followed when wanting to place a bin/box in the Health Education Center (HEC) to collect donations. This includes examples, such a collecting canned food, clothes, and other items to donate.

Approval Required: The student organization or department must complete an online form or stop by the HEC Administration Office 3.908 for approval. Approval must be received before the donation bin can be placed in the HEC.

Approval placard: Once approved, the student organization or department will receive a placard that states the donation bin is approved. This placard must be posted on each donation bin. Only one donation bin/box is allowed by collection. Failure to display this placard can result in the removal of donation bins/boxes.

Time Limit: Donation bin drives are limited to one (1) month in length per drive.

Bin/Box Requirements: Bins/boxes used to collect donation must:

  • Be made from a durable material that can withstand the items it is meant to hold without breaking. If collecting food or liquids, the bin should be constructed so that it does not leak.
  • Be clearly labeled with the student organization or department name, what is being collected, and the beneficiary of the collection.
  • Have the approval placard (provided to the student organization or department once the request is approved) attached to each bin.
  • Be emptied often to ensure the bins do not overflow.
  • Be placed in the pre-approved donation bin location in the HEC only.
  • Not obstruct access, hallways, or doorways.