Employee Development

Employee Performance Management Program

UTMB’s Employee Performance Management Program is essential for the professional growth and development of our workforce. This program allows you to collaborate with your manager on performance goals and outcomes that align with the university’s mission and to focus on behaviors and actions that have a direct impact on institutional results.

Performance Review Process

The performance review process includes setting goals, providing and receiving feedback, documenting performance and evaluating results. An effective review process establishes clear performance goals and behavior expectations; clarifies responsibilities and provides direction on departmental priorities; identifies individual strengths and weaknesses; and provides a direct link between performance and pay.

Performance Evaluation Process – Employee Development

  • Three-Month Reviews

    A three-month review is recommended for employees who transfer or are promoted into a new position within UTMB. These type of evaluations should be completed in the ePerformance system.

  • Six-Month Reviews

    As state employees, all new hires are subject to a six-month probationary period and a performance review at the conclusion of that period. Evaluations must be completed in the ePerformance system.

  • Annual Reviews

    All staff and faculty must be formally evaluated at least once each year, and the review process consists of three phases:

    1 – Planning Phase

    Human Resources create performance review documents in the ePerformance system.

    Employees and managers work together to develop key performance goals aligned with UTMB's mission and overall business strategy.

    Employees and managers review and discuss core technical competencies and institutional values.

    2 – Tracking Phase

    Managers monitor employee performance, track progress against established goals and provide ongoing feedback and coaching.

    Employees and managers document achievements and observed behaviors using the Performance Notes feature in ePerformance.

    3 – Evaluation Phase

    Employees complete self-evaluation (if required).

    Managers establish a development or improvement plan for each employee.

    Managers complete performance review documents and, if applicable, submit for second-level approval.

    Managers conduct face-to-face meetings with employees to discuss evaluations, action plans and final performance ratings.

Available Resources & Training

Professional Development

The following tools are available to assist you in improving the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to effectively contribute to UTMB's mission.

UTMB SEED: Skill Enhancement and Employee Development

Pursue your own learning journey with the Skillsoft Percipio professional development platform. This platform allows you to sharpen your existing skills and learn new ones with unlimited access to more than 35,000 books, audio books and summaries; 700 content channels; 6,000 courses; and 65,000 videos. You'll be able to take part in micro learning activities or develop deeper learning paths to help you grow within your current role and prepare for future opportunities.

UTMB SEED: Skill Enhancement and Employee Development

UTMB Systems Training

Online and instructor-led training is available through the Admin. Systems Training team on many of UTMB’s enterprise-wide applications, including administrative, clinical and research systems. Click here for more information on the training offered. You may also register for upcoming classes through the Training Gateway calendar. Please be advised that you must use Google Chrome to access the calendar.

My Training Portal

Contact UTMB IS Service Desk: :    ishelp@utmb.edu      (409) 772-5200        (888) 898-2401

Annual Training

UTMB employees are required to complete compliance and privacy training each year based on their specific job duties and responsibilities. Training topics and time frames are defined by the UTMB Office of Institutional Compliance in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Employees may complete their assigned training courses and activities through the UTMB Learn Portal. This portal provides a secure, controlled platform for the delivery and documenting of all required training.

UTMB Learn Portal

Contact UTMB IS Service Desk:    ishelp@utmb.edu      (409) 772-5200        (888) 898-2401      Contact UTMB Learn Team:    hrbi@utmb.edu