Our graduates are leaders and change agents across a wide array of academic and health-related fields as educators, ethicists, activists, and researchers with a passion for bringing ethics and humanities to health.


Nathalie Egalite, PhD
"Moral Imperatives for Physician Writing: A Counterethic”
Dr. Egalite is the inaugural John P. Murphy Fellow in Medical Humanities at the Cleveland Clinic, Lerner College of Medicine.


Ryan Hart, MA, PhD
Contexts of Sense in Psycho-Oncology: The Care of Emerging Adults
Dr. Hart is Executive Director, Narrative Dimensions, and an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Thiel College.

Syed H. Husaini, MD, PhD
Neurobiology of Human Agency, Neurophilosophy, and Neurolaw: Could Neuroscience Become a Coercive Force in the Future?

Susan McCammon, MD, PhD
Shadow Selves in Shared Decision Making: Affective and Cognitive Reasoning in Surgical Palliative Care
Dr. McCammon is the John W. Poynor Endowed Professor in Otolaryngology, Director of Head and Neck Oncology Division, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Rebecca Marvi Permar, BA, MA, MLitt, PhD
Of Cyborgs and Chimeras: Our Future with Emerging Technologies
Dr. Rebecca Permar has accepted a three-year postdoctoral position at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Effective August 8, 2022, she became the Postdoctoral Fellow in Leadership and Character for Pre-Health Professions in the Office of Academic Advising and the Program for Leadership and Character. Dr. Permar also holds an appointment as a part-time Assistant Professor in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program for the fall term 2022, where she teaches a course on Medicine and the Humanities.  In addition, she is teaching in the Medicine and Patients in Society (MAPS) course in the School of Medicine.


Margarita M. Ortiz, JD, MA
Medical Virtue in Contemporary Practice: Has COVID-19 Reawakened Virtue In the Modern Medical Encounter?
Margarita was selected by the McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston for completion of a 2022-2024  post-doctoral research fellowship. There, she will be part of the center’s ethics and medical humanities teaching, as she continues to pursue medical humanities scholarship on virtue in medical practice and the role of the humanities in clinical decision-making. 


Carole Stewart Anhalt, PhD, JD, LLM, MHA 
Neuroplasticity, Neurorehabilitation, and New Hope for Brain-Injured Persons
Executive Vice President of Banta Medical Services in San Antonio, Texas

Dwayne Wilmon Jones, PhD
Brother, Help Thyself: The Construction of a Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health Movement before HIV/AIDS
Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Galveston Historical Foundation

Ye Kyung Song, MD, PhD
Expressions of Medical Student Burnout on Reddit: an Autoethnographic Study of /R/MEDICALSCHOOL
Psychiatry Resident, Duke Psychiatry

Andrew J. Taylor MSRRT-NPS, RPFT, RCP, PhD
Cultivating the Moral Imagination
Assistant Professor and Program Director, Respiratory Therapy Program
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Texas Southern University


Stephanie Lynne Shively, PhD
Traumatized Through Healing: The Stigmatization and Misrecognition of Trauma Among American Physicians
Consultant, Minnesota Medical Association

Brenda Kay Wilson, PhD
An Unruly Mélange in a Postcolonial State: The Cultural Politics of Global Health Engagements in Dominican Republic Bateyes
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California San Diego


Shannon Paige Guillot-Wright, PhD
Casting Aside Bent Bodies: Embodied Violence as an Everyday Experience for Filipino Migrant Seafarers
Assistant Professor and Director of Health Policy Research for the Center for Violence Prevention, University of Texas Medical Branch

Rebecca Amerisa Waters, PhD
Healthcaring: Learning to Resist the Logic of Letting Go through Art-Based Curriculum in
a Student-Run Free Clinic
Health Education Coordinator Associate, University of Kentucky

Imanni Kati-Sare Sheppard, PhD
The Parallax of Personalized Medicine: A Critical, Socio-Medical Analysis of the Trajectory of Pharmacogenomics and Genome Wide Association Studies
Director of Medical Education and Social Scientific Research, Medical Humanities and Health Disparities Institute


Heather Carson, PhD
Evaluating the Target-Population Recommendations for Influenza Vaccination: Evidence and Ethics
Attorney Advisor, Small Business Administration

Kenneth Alewine, PhD
Melancholia and Consciousness in Music, Art and Literature


Peggy Determeyer, PhD
Health Care, Aging, and End of Life: Using Community Bioethics Dialogues to Promote Individualized Personal Decisions and Advance Care Planning
Director, Community Bioethics and Aging Center (CBAC) and McGee Fellow in Bioethics and Aging

Rachel Pearson, MD, PhD
Medical Objectivity: The Narratives That Structure Knowledge and Identity in Medicine
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, The Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics, UT Health San Antonio

Rimma Osipov, MD, PhD
Healing at the Margins: A Cultural/Historial Perspective on International Medical Graduates in
the U.S. Healthcare System
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina


Nicole Piemonte, PhD
When Suffering Heals: How Embracing Our Shared Vulnerability Can Restore Medical Education and Practice
Assistant Professor, Creighton University School of Medicine, Phoenix Campus

Erica Fletcher, PhD
Mad Together in Technogenic Times: A Multi-Sited Ethnography of the Icarus Project
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Los Angeles

Jonathan Banda, MA
Biomedicalizing Risk: Technologies of HIV Prevention and the Moral Imperatives of Biological Citizenship
PhD Student, Virginia Tech

Julie Kutac, PhD
Medicine’s Eschatological Narrative and the Challenge of Elder Suffering
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Physician Assistant Studies, School of Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch

Alina Bennett, PhD
The Therapeutic Roles of Reading, Writing, And Theatrical Performance In Recovery From Moral Injury And Social Death During and After Incarceration
Regional Ethicist, Kaiser Permanente and Lecturer, Department of Health Sciences, Cal State East Bay


Sarah Baker, MD, MA
Making Meaning of Empathy: A Qualitative Study of Empathy Education at UTMB
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Randall Horton, PhD
Global Health, Social Justice, and Corporate Accountability
Poet, Chef, Ethicist, Blogger, Randy's Vegan Tex-Mex

Sheena Eagan Chamberlin, PhD
Moral Dilemmas in Military Medicine: A Historico- Ethical Analysis of the Problem of Dual Loyalties and Medical Civilian Assistance Programs in the U.S. Army
Assistant Professor, Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies, Brody School of Medicine,
East Carolina University

Jacqueline Genovese, MA
Post-Traumatic Story Disorder: Using the Power of Narrative to Heal the Invisible Wounds of War
Academic Program Professor 2, Biomedical Ethics, School of Medicine, Stanford University

Merle Lenihan, MD, PhD
Charity in Health Care: Safety Net or (Moral) Safety Valve


Kimberly Gordy, MA
Publication In Lieu of Thesis: "The 9/11 Cancer Conundrum: The Law, Policy, and Politics of the Zadroga Act.”
Senior Associate, Baker & Hostetler LLP

Andrew Childress, PhD
Visualizing the Other: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Objectification of the Body in Biomedical Research Using Human Subjects
Assistant Professor, Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Baylor College of Medicine

Jiin-yu Chen, PhD
Contextualizing Science: Examining Science’s Moral and Social Dimensions Using Virtue Ethics and the Humanities
Associate Director, Research Integrity and Postdoctoral Affairs, Boston University

Krisann Muskievicz, PhD
Literature and Medicine and Narrative Medicine: a Distinction between Terms
Assistant Professor of English, Schreiner University

Margaret Wardlaw, MD, PhD
Religion, Emotion, and Spirituality in American Hospital Birth
Pediatrician and Writer, Austin, TX


Nobue Urushihara Urvil, PhD
Literature and Medicine: A Teaching Model for Students and Practitioners of Medicine and Health Care in Japan