Institutional Ethics Program

The Institutional Ethics Program is a joint commitment of the UTMB Health System and the Institute for Bioethics & Health Humanities which recognizes that uncertainty, confusion and tension regarding different individual, professional, social and institutional values often produce complex ethical issues and questions. The Program is composed of the Clinical Ethics Consultation Service, the Integrated Ethics Program, Institutional Ethics Committee(IEC), and numerous educational and academic endeavors.

The Program was launched informally in the late 1970s, by Dr. William J. Winslade after receiving a growing number of ethically complex telephone inquiries from healthcare providers who were seeking answers to questions they felt were outside of their expertise. In 1985 UTMB's first Ethics Service was operational and it was clear that this resource was needed but also that it needed to be more comprehensive. In 1993, Dr. Michele A. Carter came to UTMB to create a "systematic, institutionalized service." Dr. Jeffrey S. Farroni joined UTMB in 2016 to build upon this strong foundation, coupled with the continued institutional commitment, to further integrate and innovate the service to adapt with changes in health care and increasing complexities of the clinical enterprise.

Requesting a Clinical Ethics Consultation
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Mailing Address
Ethics Consulting Service
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Ethics Consultants

Jeff S. Farroni2
Jeff S. Farroni, PhD, JD
Director, Institutional Ethics Program


Bryanna Moore, PhD
Assistant Professor and
Clinical Ethicist


Sifuentes, Marcy 2020_adj
Marisela Sifuentes
Administrative Coordinator