School of Medicine
Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration

The Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration provides medical students the opportunity to learn in depth about medical humanities through a variety of courses and activities within the four-year Integrated Medical Curriculum.

Upon successful completion of track requirements, students will earn the designation of Scholar in Medical Humanities which will be noted on the student's transcript and in the commencement program. A certificate of completion will be issued at the time of graduation along with the student's UTMB diploma. Participation will also be reflected in the student's MSPE ("Dean's letter").

How to Apply

To apply, complete and submit the Medical Humanities Concentration Application Form.


    Lisa Campo-Engelstein, PhD
    Course Director, Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration


Any UTMB School of Medicine (SOM) student can enroll in the Medical Humanities concentration.

UTMB SOM students are permitted to enroll in multiple tracks. For more information, contact the UTMB SOM Office of Educational Affairs.



MS 1-2

MS 3-4





MS 4

  • Attendance at Medical Humanities Student Journal Club
    Medical Humanities track students are expected to attend 2/3 of meetings over the four years of medical school, with exceptions made for meetings when the student is away from the Galveston campus for coursework.
  • Public presentation of a scholarly research project
    The project should be completed under the guidance of an Institute faculty member.