Bioethics and Health Humanities Program

Since 1988, the Institute for Bioethics & Health Humanities has been a leader in fostering critical bioethics and health humanities research through its graduate degrees. Our students engage a broad and interdisciplinary course of study encompassing health-care ethics, health law and policy, history of medicine, literature and narrative studies in health care, religion and health, medical anthropology, and social medicine.

We offer MA and PhD programs. Our graduates are leaders and change-agents across a wide array of health-related fields.

Our graduate program prepares students to:

  1. Critically assess the foundational works in bioethics and health humanities
  2. Explain methodological approaches in bioethics and health humanities
  3. Apply methods to various bioethics and health humanities contexts or cases
  4. Create recommendations and interventions to address issues in bioethics and health humanities
  5. Identify key health cases and social movements that have shaped the field of bioethics and health humanities
  6. Formulate a robust original scholarly project in the thesis or dissertation
  7. Provide education to clinicians, future healthcare providers, and bioethics and health humanities professionals
  8. Engage in multidisciplinary collaboration with individuals from various fields including bioethics, health humanities, and health sciences and professions

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Emma Tumilty, PhD
Program Director, Bioethics & Health Humanities Graduate Studies
Assistant Professor, School of Public and Population Health

Christina Johnson, MBA
Program Manager, Student Affairs
Student Recruitment and Admissions
(409) 747-7584