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Screening of Subtext: Real Stories

The UTMB Health Institute for the Medical Humanities will host a screening and discussion of the film Subtext: Real Stories.

Admission is free.

Subtext-real stories (2002-14) is a gritty ethnographic film series that looks at the life of a doomed shantytown in Toronto, Canada and also at Dignity Village, Oregon, the first city contracted transitional homeless camp in US history. Sometimes troubling and frustrating, the stories revealed in this character-driven study of poverty, housing and hope raise many issues of interest to medicine, ethics, humanities and social science.

In an updated version that includes footage obtained on a number of video devices between 2000 and 2014, the audience will get an inside and sometimes raw look at life in tent camps, housing programs and on the streets .

Filmmaker Eric Weissman, PhD is a visiting scholar at the UTMB Health Institute for the Medical Humanities.

The audience is asked but not required to participate in a critical discussion about how the film portrays the issues of poverty, healthcare and ethical visual representation.  This is a great chance for participants to inform the filmmaker’s current video and documentary projects. 

(Audience members will be asked to note that the discussion will be recorded on audio and video for use by the scholar in his ongoing studies.)

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Screening of Subtext: Real Stories
, 2014 - -
Levin Hall South Auditorium, 102 Market Street, Galveston, Texas
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