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The McLaughlin Endowment
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded to individuals holding doctoral degrees (i.e., PhD or MD) and pursuing additional training in areas directly related to infection and/or immunity. Applicants must have PhD or MD degree when the McLaughlin fellowship starts (September 1).

Applicants are ineligible if they have previously held a faculty position or have received more than 36 months of research training prior to start date of the fellowship (September 1). Additionally, applicants must have received their doctoral degree no earlier than 36 months prior to the fellowship start date.

Postdoctoral fellowships are awarded on an employment rate of a forty-hour week (full-time) for a period of one year. Postdoctoral fellowships may not be supplemented in any fashion without prior approval by the McLaughlin Fellowship Committee; nor can faculty appointments be held within a department during their tenure as a McLaughlin Fellow.

Fellowships may be renewed with the approval of the McLaughlin Fellowship Committee for one additional year, for a maximum of two years. Please note that postdoctoral fellows who have already received two years of funding from a T32 grant or another fellowship program are not eligible for a McLaughlin Fellowship.

According to the Bylaws of the McLaughlin Endowment, “fellowships shall be for research and not require any other services to the University such as routine teaching or clinical duties.”

McLaughlin postdoctoral fellows are expected to make research progress that is reported to the McLaughlin Committee at the time of fellowship renewal each year. In addition, the fellows are expected to report their observations in peer-reviewed journals. Our hope is that every fellow will develop into a productive scientist with a successful scientific career.

In an effort to extend fellowship funds to as many fellows as possible, all McLaughlin fellows are expected to make a good faith effort to obtain support from external agencies. The fellows that are successful in obtaining fellowships that replace over 6 months of McLaughlin support receive a bonus of $2500, subject to approval by the Committee. If the support obtained from the external source is less than that received through the McLaughlin Fellowship, the McLaughlin Committee will endeavor to make up the salary difference.