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Special Awards
The McLaughlin Endowment

The James W. McLaughlin Endowment, as part of its recognition for outstanding research in infection and immunity, offers awards to McLaughlin Fellows, graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows. Currently, they are as follows:

  • Annual McLaughlin Research Colloquium.
    Awards are made to participants in the poster session of the Colloquium. Each award is for $1000 to be used exclusively for travel to a national or international meeting. The Colloquium is held in mid-March and names of recipients are announced at the Colloquium.
  • James W. McLaughlin Research Incentive Award.
    This award is available only to McLaughlin Fellows and must be fulfilled within the first year of funding. The purpose of the award is to encourage McLaughlin Fellows to apply for extramural funding. The idea is to revise your McLaughlin proposal to fit the instructions of the funding agency. If extramural funding is received and it provides a MAJOR part of salary and other benefits, the McLaughlin Fellow will receive the following:
    1. A one-time award of $2500 for predoctoral or postdoctoral fellows which can be accepted as a cash award for personal use, or applied to either M&O or travel.
    2. Supplementation of salary, if stipend from the new source is less than anticipated from the McLaughlin Fund.