The Oliver Center

The Carolyn J Oliver, MD Center for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare was dedicated in 2008 with the intent of promoting patient centered care. Patient centered care addresses the needs and wants of patients and their families and including them as a vital part of the healthcare team.


Listen to your doctor's advice again!

Did you know that as soon as you leave the doctor, you can forget over half of what everyone said?

Our cornerstone initiative, Taking the Message and the Medicine Home, is in place at some clinic sites at UTMB. That doesn't mean that you can't participate.

Is it legal?
As a courtesy, it is good to always ask your clinician first. The Oliver Center helps support audio recording during patient and provider appointments.

It began in May 2009, when the Oliver Center provided funding to the Department of Hematology/Oncology to provide digital recorders for UTMB patients who are receiving cancer treatment.

Center Activities and Announcements

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Dr. Colleen Silva from UTMB was recently interviewed for an article about audio recording at the doctor and privacy concerns.


The Oliver Center and our friends at Dartmouth contributed to a story about audio recording at the doctor and privacy. Read here!

Patient Safety Pilot Programs
The Oliver Center awarded Dr. Rana Bonds a one-year grant to determine if patients were using medical devices correctly and to test the implementation of a program where patients are videotaped practicing using their medical devices, sent home with those videos, and reminded regularly to watch them.
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