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  • Taking the Message and the Medicine Home

    Guiding Virtues: Innovation, Patient Empowerment, Communication

    The Oliver Center advocates for patients and providers to audio record care plans (either by the patient with the provider present or the provider can record a quick summary of "next steps" or other important "take-aways." For patients who do not use a personal mobile device (voice recording app/voicemail), the center will provide digital recorders for UTMB patients so that the patient can have an audio recording of what the nurse or physician said during their visit.

    Click Here and scroll through the information on how to get started.

    Keywords: Audio recording at the doctor, Patient audio recording, Recording clinic visits

  • All the Oliver Center guiding virtues are incorporated into our year-round interpersonal skills and communication workshop series. In partnership with the UTMB Graduate Medical Education office and the Nurse Residency Program, the Oliver Center facilitates small-group workshops for all resident physicians and nursing residents. On demand workshops are also available at the faculty and staff level through the Oliver Center. Workshops address a variety of communication skills and patient-centered best care practices including:

    • Empathetic communication skills with patients and colleagues
    • Shared decision-making and communication among the team
    • Time-neutral techniques to improve communication 
    • Techniques to increase successful resolution of conflicts

    Self-reflection, peer discussions/feedback, and interactive small-group activities are incorporated into all workshops.

    Our newest work involves training and coaching front-line faculty and staff in using the AIDET® communication framework with every patient and care partner. Contact us if you'd like education or coaching in your department, division, or small group.

    This work is made possible by generous support from The Moody Foundation.

    Reports summarizing feedback from workshop attendees (MD and RN Residents):


    Interprofessional Communication Skills Program Survey Public Report 2017-2019



    Keywords: Interprofessional Training, Nurse Resident, Medical Resident, Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • The Oliver Center is committed to providing immediate use toolsi that can enhance doctor-patient communication. On this page, you’ll find a general decision aid applicable to most health-related decisions as well as condition-specific resources for you to incorporate into the patient encounter.

    When your patients and their care partners are facing more than one choice, we encourage you to offer the Ottawa Personal Decision Guides (9 languages available)i. The guides can help patients identify their decision-making needs, plan the next steps, track their progress, and share their views about the decision

    En Espanol: Guía de Apoyo Decisional de Ottawa

    Image of En Espanol: Guía de Apoyo Decisional de Ottawa PDF

    Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (English) Interactive PDF or printable

    Image of English - Ottawa Personal Decision Guide PDF

    For specific conditions, check out the Mayo Clinic's knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit or use links below for direct access to up-to-date, research-based, ready-to-use tools on topics including:

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    Ottawa guides are protected by copyright but are freely available for you to use, provided you: a) cite the reference in any documents or publications; b) do not charge for or profit from them; and c) do not alter them except for prefilling them for a specific condition/decision as necessary.

    Keywords: Shared Decision Making, SDM, Shared Decision Tools