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Transforming the practice of medicine.

What we do

The Carolyn J Oliver, MD Center for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare was dedicated in 2008 with the intent of promoting patient centered care. Patient centered care addresses the needs and wants of patients and their families and including them as a vital part of the healthcare team. The center designs and supports programs across UTMB to maximize patient safety and improve the quality of care.

Listen to your doctor's advice again!

Did you know that as soon as you leave the doctor, you can forget over half of what everyone said?

Our cornerstone program, Taking the Message and the Medicine Home, is routine at some clinics at UTMB. If you haven’t heard of it, you can participate too! Watch this short video that explains how to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about it.


Survey Results are Here

The UTMB medical and nurse resident evaluations from the 2020-2021 interpersonal and communication skills workshops are here

Audio Recording in the News!

UTMB's Dr. Colleen Silva was interviewed by HealthDay about audio recording at the doctor's office.


As a courtesy, it is good to always ask your doctor first.
Here are some instructions to help you talk about it with your doctor and to help you record on your own phone!