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TUTORIAL: Simple Video Editing

How to edit videos

This tutorial was created using a Logitech Quickcam and Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker. The video file you will view is the edited version. Later in the tutorial, we will practice editing using the unedited video, or you may use your own captured video if you choose. Please play the following video message.

Welcome to Windows Movie Maker!

Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker is free.

Confirm Movie Maker Installation

Please confirm you already have Movie Maker installed. If not proceed with the installation.

Movie Maker may already be installed on your PC. To check, go to:

  • Start, Programs, Accessories, Windows Movie Maker
  • -----OR------
  • Start, Programs, Windows Movie Maker

If it is not present, proceed to Install Movie Maker

Install Movie Maker

To install Windows Movie Maker, go here:

Complete the following Tutorial before continuing to the next section.

Open the tutorial here and print out a copy.

Download these movies to your PC, for use with your tutorial.

Bruce Niebuhr intro video.wmv and Bruce Niebuhr practice video.wmv

Optional Instructions on How to download a movie file for use with the tutorial.

How to download the tutorial movie

Did you complete the Tutorial?

Complete the Video Editing Tutorial before continuing to the next section, "Sharing my Videos."