George Golovko

  • Assistant Professor

    Phone: (281) 602-9911

  • 2012 – PhD in Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
    2005 – BS in Computer science, Odesa National Polytechnic University, Odesa, Ukraine
    2002 – Associate in Computer science, Technical School of Industrial Automatics, Odesa, Ukraine
  • Expert in bioinformatics, genomics and computational biology with a particular interest in microbiomes, environmental metagenomics, and human, animal, and plant RNA and DNA sequencing and analysis.  Specific areas of research include the development of new methods for the analysis and interpretation of high throughput DNA sequencing data, as well as new statistical and computational tools for its rapid analysis. Application of the DNA\RNA high throughput sequencing and design of the analytical tools and pipeline focusing on translational research in precision medicine. Other research interests are centered on investigating relationships among environmental exposures, the microbiome, genetic, and genomic biomarkers, combined with electronic health records to determine how they contribute to health outcomes in various diseases.
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