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  • Community Liaison Committee

    The participation of the local Galveston community is important to the success of the GNL and the Community Liaison Committee – or CLC – is integral to that participation.

    The nine members of the CLC are a part of the advisory structure for the GNL. As such, the CLC exists to promote public participation and transparency during construction and operation of the lab and to advise all GNL and university leadership on issues of importance to the community. The CLC is composed of well-informed and interested local citizens nominated by the Galveston County judge and appointed to rotating terms by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs of the University of Texas System, and reports to the President of UTMB.

    CLC members provide outreach and feedback to facilitate information flow between the GNL and the community. The CLC members meet monthly and additionally as needed.

  • Employee Advisory Council

    The UTMB Employee Advisory Council (EAC) exists to foster bi-directional communication and dialog for all Classified, Administrative & Professional (A&P), and Non-Teaching staff, excluding residents.

    The EAC, which is sponsored and endorsed by the Office of the President, works to promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is committed to assessing, prioritizing and communicating employee needs. It also serves as a focus group/advisory panel by providing a feedback loop on broad issues and potential new programs that can impact Classified, A&P, and Non-Teaching staff, excluding residents. For the purposes of representation on the council, the university is grouped in four large segments:

    • Academic Enterprise
    • Correctional Managed Care
    • Hospitals and Clinics
    • Institutional Support
  • The President's Cabinet

    Now more than 400 members strong, the President's Cabinet has provided over $5 million in seed grants to more than 130 developing programs in our community.

    President's Cabinet Goals:

    • To increase discretionary funding for emerging priorities, allowing UTMB to capitalize on new opportunities and meet unexpected challenges.
    • To provide a vehicle for UTMB and the community to work together in support of promising initiatives to improve health and well being.

    Formed in 1993, the President's Cabinet is a unique and distinctive organization, dedicated to helping advance the mission of UTMB. Members include alumni, faculty, staff, friends and business and community leaders.

    Many of the programs first funded by the President's Cabinet have been recognized and rewarded with federal grants and garnered national and international attention.

  • Sponsorship Committee

    Historically, UTMB has been an excellent community partner and a valued sponsor of many important community activities and events that align with the institution’s mission. We intend to continue to grant community sponsorships to support the important work being done by nonprofit organizations. Going forward, a new process is in place to centralize and standardize the process by which we provide support to the communities we serve:

    • Effective September 1, 2015 (start of FY16), all sponsorships for non-profit organizations, events and activities are managed through the UTMB Sponsorship Committee, with oversight by the President’s Office.
    • The UTMB Sponsorship Committee includes eight campus representatives—two each from the Health System, the Academic Enterprise, Business and Finance and the President’s Office.
    • This group convenes monthly to consider, approve or decline requests for sponsorship funding.
    • Individual departments or units within UTMB are no longer able to sponsor community activities or events with UTMB-related funds (individuals may continue to support organizations and events with personal funds).

    To make this process accessible and convenient for all, this website has been created. It includes program details, a link to the new draft policy, and a form (in online and printable formats) to be used by all individuals and organizations that appeal to UTMB for contributions.

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