UTMB Honor Pledge Committee Professionalism Panel

Samantha Etienne (Community Relations Chair), Vi Pham (Community Relations Chair) and Karis Marshall (President)

The UTMB Student Honor Pledge Committee hosted a panel discussion on Monday, November 30, 2016. There were 46 students in attendance representing all four schools. The questions that were posed to the panel were:

  1. What are some important qualities for you to see from other professions on your team? What makes a good relationship?
  2. What do you feel is a communication barrier between you and other members of your healthcare team?
  3. How do you deal with abrasive co-workers while still maintaining your professionalism?
  4. From a faculty member's perspective: What behaviors do students often exhibit that can be viewed as unprofessional?

Discussion highlights

  • Respect is key
  • Openness
  • Open communication will optimize patient care
  • Respect that everyone has something to add, everyone has a voice
  • Offering an opinion can be presented as a question, e.g., What do you think about…….?- opens dialogue.
  • Everyone's profession is important to them, everyone has different passions
  • Traditionally medicine has been practiced hierarchically, but a team approach is  best care.
  • Ego is the biggest barrier:  "I am the attending and I know best."  "I am just a student, what do I know?" 
  • Students bring fresh perspectives, speak up. Could preface statement, "I recently read an article….."
  • Lack of communication can bring about errors.
  • If you are ever shot down, do not challenge in the presence of the patient.
  • There are always two sides of the story, what you see and what may have precipitated the behavior.  Talk to the individual in the manner in which you would want to be talked to.
  • Students are always vulnerable.  Can discuss with your Student Affairs Dean, Ombudsman, or use the Professionalism Concern Note (button).
  • Make the team look good, not just yourself.
  • Diversity is multiple views.
  • Make the patient a part of the team, understanding the patient's perspective and needs can influence the patient's understanding, compliance and satisfaction.  Consider the thought process of the patient and that of the team.
  • Important to take care of self, not burn-out.
  • Not allow ego to get in the way of patient care and good relationships.
  • Behaviors that students exhibit that could be viewed as unprofessional?
  • Glued to cell phone (best to explain if you are expecting a phone call that you must take, looking up the answer, etc)
  • Important to let families and patients know that you are looking up information (otherwise perceived as disinterested).
  • Being late
  • Body language speaks volumes (slamming books, rolling eyes at prof or other students comments)
  • Not being prepared (no pen, stethoscope, etc)
  • Not letting others speak, when it is obvious that they want to
IMG_1281 IMG_1286 IMG_1284 Honor Pledge Committee Annual Panel Discussion

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Event: UTMB Honor Pledge Committee Professionalism Panel
Date & Time: -, 2016
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