Professionalism at UTMB Health

UTMB Professionalism Charter

The Professionalism Charter is a living document that defines the elements of professionalism for all UTMB faculty, staff, and students. The principles on which the charter is built - to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all of our interactions - are unchanging, but our language evolves as we continue to meet new challenges and adapt in a dynamic health care environment.

In alignment with UTMB's strategic vision for the future, "The Road Ahead," the Professionalism Charter is a guide to the standard of conduct for everyone at UTMB. All fundamental efforts of this institution should be inextricably linked to the standards outlined in both documents.

The commitments presented by the charter serve collectively as the cornerstone of UTMB's reputation as a leading academic health sciences center and as an institution worthy of the public's trust. The current charter has evolved into 10 commitments that serve as a road map for UTMB faculty, staff, and students to collaboratively shape the future of health care in Texas and beyond.

The responsibilities outlined in this charter hold unique relevance to each of us. Please take a moment to read and reflect upon these standards, which define our expectations for ourselves and for each other. Thank you for your continued commitment to service and excellence.


Professionalism Charter One Pager

Professionalism Charter One Pager

Download and print the UTMB Health Professionalism Charter Poster in PDF format(s). *Acrobat Reader required.