Professionalism at UTMB Health

Recognizing Professionalism in the Workplace

One of the goals of UTMB’s Professionalism Committee is to improve professionalism by developing and endorsing strategies that identify, measure, and address professionalism. In order to accomplish this task, the Professionalism Committee reviews reported concerns of disrespectful behavior so that they can be addressed. However, the Professionalism Committee would also like to recognize members of the UTMB community, who positively adhere to UTMB’s Professionalism Charter with integrity, compassion, and respect. UTMB’s Professionalism Charter defines the elements of professionalism for all UTMB faculty, staff, and students to include the following responsibilities:

  • Commitment to a culture of trust;
  • Commitment to diversity;
  • Commitment to competence and growth;
  • Commitment to confidentiality;
  • Commitment to honesty;
  • Commitment to the responsible use of resources;
  • Commitment to value;
  • Commitment to appropriate relations;
  • Commitment to manage conflicts of interest; and
  • Commitment to the appropriate discovery and use of knowledge.

Some examples of this type of behavior may include, but are not limited to:

  • Showing respect of other people’s differences and beliefs to create a safe academic environment and workplace for all;
  • Going above and beyond to fulfill one’s educational requirements and/or job responsibilities;
  • Being courteous, respectful, and helpful to address the needs of patients and/or visitors;
  • Maintaining a positive attitude in high-stressful situations;
  • Demonstrating teamwork to achieve the common goal; and
  • Respecting professional boundaries to avoid school and workplace conflict.

If you witness positive acts of professionalism, we want to know about it! Please feel free to use the Recognizing Professionalism in the Workplace form on this website to recognize members of the UTMB community, who have demonstrated positive examples of professionalism. If you would like to remain anonymous in your report, you can choose to do so.