SCSB Scientific Computing Laboratory

The laboratory hosts a multi-node compute cluster, distributed data storage, 3D Printers and Visualization Display Systems.

  • Computing Cluster - T-rex
    It consists of a login node, five computing nodes and a file server. The cluster compute nodes are of 3 types:
    • Two nodes designed for predominantly GPGPU based computing contain nVidia Tesla K20 GPUs, each with 2480 cuda cores, as well as dual Intel E5-2650 cpus with a total of 32 compute cores.
    • Two nodes designed for predominantly CPU based computing, but with some GPGPU support, contain nVidia Tesla M2075 GPU's each with 480 cuda cores, as well as dual Intel E5-2670 cpus with a total of 32 compute cores.
    • One node, designed for predominantly high memory requirement computing, is a Dell Poweredge R620 and contains 768 Gigabytes of main memory and two E5-2600 class cpus.All four computing nodes have 128 GB of RAM, two hexa-core Intel Xeon CPUs, and Nvidia GPUs, capable of performing heterogenous calculations. Job submission and scheduling is handled by SLURM.
  • File Storage
  • Windows Server - Rosalyn
    Rosalyn is an Intel i7 workstation with 32 GB RAM running Windows 2008R2. It allows remote connection for SCSBMB researchers to run Windows software when needed.
  • Software Server - Sc
    Sc is an Intel i7 workstation running Fedora. It hosts many scientific software and NFS exports them to computers in different SCSBMB laboratories.
  • 3D Printers
    • A Makerbot Replicator 2X, which is a heated extruder type printer capable of printing in two colors concurrently, and can print in either PLA or SCA type plastic, and has a printing volume of 10" x 6" x 6". It has been used primarily for durable models, such as unusually shaped experimental sample containers.
  • Visualization Display Systems