The Sealy Center for Structural Biology & Molecular Biophysics (SCSB) aids scientists interested in elucidating the basic relationships between macromolecular sequence, structure and function, with a goal of leveraging this information into the understanding and treatment of disease.

The basic research within SCSB combines thermodynamic, kinetic and structural data about biomolecules and their complexes to understand important biomedical processes. The structural and dynamical basis for molecular recognition, signal transduction, protein folding and allosteric regulation is studied by X-ray crystallographic and scattering, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryo-electron microscopic techniques, advanced computational tools, and solution biophysics and thermodynamics. To facilitate its research, the center has a research development team which provides research development/proposal development support to faculty within the center and its affiliated departments.

In addition to its basic research goals, the SCSB provides education opportunities for post-docs and graduate students, and sponsors short courses and workshops for the faculty focusing on the use of NMR, cryo-EM, X-ray techniques, and molecular modeling tools. The annual symposium brings world renowned researchers together to exchange ideas in the warm sunshine of the Galveston/Houston area.

The SCSB is more than a facility providing access to high-end structural biology instrumentation. It is an intellectual center providing a collegial environment for scientists pursuing a broad range of research. Structural Biology provides a common ground for our faculty whose diverse research interests provide a great synergistic benefit to research across disciplines. The SCSB provides structure to the science of translational research.