Nir's Research Lab

Meera Kanakamma Mohan, PhDHead of Microscopy Operations

Meera Kanakamma Mohan

I started working in the lab in September 2023. Basically, I am a physicist and a microscopist. My PhD was in electron microscopy and my postdoctoral work was in cryoelectron microscopy. I then worked in industry on technical aspects of Super Resolution Microscopy. I am currently working with Erez Aiden’s lab and Nir’s lab on super resolution microscopy. The current project I am working on is about Cell Senescence, where I am trying to understand the molecular mechanisms associated with senescence. In the future, I am interested in exploring various correlative imaging techniques that can significantly increase the resolution limits. My profile can be found here.

Outside science, I’m a passionate traveller, hiker and photographer.