Nir's Research Lab

Victoria FloresPhD Student


I am a first-year student in BCMB on the cell track conducing my first rotation in Dr. Nir’s lab. Prior to starting graduate school, I participated in the PREP program at UTMB under the mentorship of Dr. Modis and we investigated the effects of H2S enzymatic production on tumor angiogenesis. In 2020, I earned my BS in Biochemistry from the University of Dallas where my project relied on scanning electron microscopy.

My overall research interest is to understand underlying mechanisms of disease and identify therapeutic targets. My goal after graduate school is to continue doing research either in the academic or industrial setting.

In addition to being a scientist I am also an avid traveler and lover of good food. I enjoy sitting on the beach with a book in hand. As a native Houstonian, I spend my free time with my family exploring both Houston and Galveston.