Research and Development Services

Grantsmanship and Limited Scientific Review - The most comprehensive level of service

    We will review drafts of faculty research proposals and provide feedback to improve the overall presentation and best align a given proposal to the expectations and/or priorities of a given study section or sponsor. We will review the scientific content to ensure that the aims are non-dependent and reasonable to the hypothesis and to the specific scope of a particular solicitation. We also provide editing to maximize the effectiveness of the organization, flow and communication of the scientific concepts.

    The average turnaround time for this level of service for a traditional R01 application is four to five (4-5) business days per draft. PIs are encouraged to provide two (2) iterations of the proposal draft, though we will work with faculty on as many drafts of a given proposal as the PI wishes and time permits. In certain situations, we may recommend that the PI delay submission of a proposal, e.g., to attain additional data or publications, or to better synchronize the submission with a particular agency's schedule of priorities/funding.

    In addition to the scientific/technical portions of the proposal, we highly encourage the PIs to provide drafts of the supplementary sections, e.g., facilities, budget justification, biosketches. Each of these documents will be reviewed in conjunction with the scientific proposal to ensure the most cohesive and targeted presentation of the information for a given sponsor.

Basic Proofreading, Formatting and Administrative Review

    The PI may request a less in-depth level of review. In such cases or when insufficient lead time is given, we will provide basic editing for grammar, consistent formatting, and adherence to minimal solicitation requirements (fonts, margins etc). Turnaround time for such services for a common R01 or equivalent proposal is approximately two to three (2-3) business days.

Post Submission Review and Consultation

    The PI may wish for us to review previously submitted proposals and help plan for resubmission, identify alternative funding options, or offer general grantsmanship advice for targeting a specific study section or sponsor. When you contact us, please let us know the purpose for your post submission consultation and provide the complete submitted proposal and summary statement (if available). We will review the submission and follow up within five (5) business days. If the purpose of the review is to identify alternative funding sources, we may provide only general guidance at the meeting, and follow up with specific opportunities via e-mail as appropriate solicitations become available.