SCVD Faculty

Lemuel Aigbivbalu, MD

Dr. Lemuel Aigbivbalu primary roles include patient care, emphasis include but not limited to Pediatric Infection Diseases control and prevention of communicable and non-communicate diseases, Medical Education of Resident physicians and Medical students on a daily bases. He has great interest in vaccine clinical trials given his medical training with expertise in dealing with children, teens and young adults on issues such as sexual transmitted diseases, i.e. HIV, communicable diseases and travel medicine.
He has served as a co-investigator on a number of vaccine trials, helped organize a pandemic influenza vaccination program through the local school systems in Galveston County. Currently, he chairs the Department of Pediatrics, Quality Improvement Committee. Responsibility includes implementing yearly influenza vaccination for children admitted to the pediatric inpatient unit of the hospital and catch-up of all required vaccines for children and adolescents.


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