SCVD Faculty

Michael R Holbrook, PhDMichael R Holbrook, PhD

I am currently adjunct faculty at UTMB and no longer have an active laboratory on campus. While on campus, my laboratory focused primarily on mechanisms of viral pathogenesis using several different viral systems. These systems included yellow fever virus, several tick-borne encephalitis serocomplex viruses and Rift Valley fever virus. We also did a number of studies for collaborators and companies with interests in broad-spectrum therapeutics and vaccines against Rift Valley fever virus, arenaviruses and Ebola virus.

In November 2009 I moved to the new NIAID Integrated Research Facility at Ft. Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. This facility is unique in that high-end medical imaging devices are integrated into the BSL-4 facility allowing for imaging of research models over the course of disease. These instruments include MRI, PET/CT, SPECT/CT and X-ray instruments. In addition to imaging capabilities, we also have fully staffed clinical, immunology and pathology core facilities to process experimental samples. While the specific research program at the facility is not yet well defined (as of July 2010), my intent is to continue my work on flavivirus and henipavirus pathogenesis with more of a focus on human and non-human primate disease rather than using rodent models.

We are also actively working with UTMB to develop a cooperative research program that would allow NIAID-IRF staff to work in the UTMB biocontainment facilities and to allow UTMB staff in the NIAID-IRF laboratory.

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