Immunization Information

The National Network for Immunization Information (NNii) provides up-to-date, science-based information to healthcare professionals, the media, and the public: everyone who needs to know the facts about immunization.

The NNii Website features:

Vaccines and the diseases they prevent
NNii offers a vaccine/disease database with information ranging from the history of each vaccine to who should and should not receive it.

Immunization Issues
The Immunization Issues are essays with background information, recent developments, and insights on current topics related to vaccines.

Resources for Parents
Easy-to-use information on each vaccine and the immunization schedule; tips on using the Web as a source for health information; links to other helpful sites; and pictures of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Resources for Health Professionals
National Network for Immunization Information Practical resources that help healthcare professionals answer patient’s questions and concerns about vaccines. Also, a section with synopses of articles from the peer-reviewed literature related to vaccines and immunization.

NNii is a service provided by the nonprofit corporation Immunizations for Public Health (I4PH).