2009 Symposium

The Changing Landscape of Vaccine Development: Vaccines for Biothreats and Emerging & Neglected Diseases

2006 Symposium

Sponsored by Sealy Center for Vaccine Development and the James W. McLaughlin Endowment

Date: November 10 - 12, 2009
Location: Moody Gardens Resort, Galveston, Texas

A multidisciplinary conference examining the unique aspects and challenges to vaccine development and licensure and the role of vaccines in improving human health. The third in a series of symposia centered on the theme of The Changing Landscape of Vaccine Development

A comprehensive, thought-provoking conference on vaccine development and implementation as it relates to emerging diseases and biodefense. The unifying theme of the meeting was the challenges in vaccine development and the evolving strategies to meet these challenges. The papers presented covered a wide breadth of vaccine issues, including basic science, preclinical development, clinical trials and public policy & implementation. This was the third meeting following the progression of vaccine development from the bench to the bedside to the community.

This multidisciplinary meeting brought together leaders involved in translating basic science discoveries to the community where they can benefit human health. World-renowned experts from the fields of Immunology, Pathogenesis, Adjuvant Systems, Preclinical Development, Clinical Trials, Epidemiology, Risk Assessment, Finance, Governmental Regulation, Philanthropy and Vaccine Acceptance drew a diverse audience and stimulate collaboration. Bringing together representatives from academia, government, industry, health care, and the community enhanced the goal of the program to facilitate vaccine development.

Organization of the Meeting
The following scientific sessions were complemented by a poster session.

Session I Getting Vaccines to Those Who Need Them
Session II Bacterial Vaccines
Session III Enhancing the Immune Response
Session IV Vaccines for Developing Countries and Global Threats
Session V Vaccines for Special Populations
Session VI Viral Vaccines and Vaccine Platforms
2009 Symposium
Symposium 3