Vaccine Smarts

Ask Dr. Rupp: Questions about Vaccines & Immunizations

Imelda from San Leon asks, "I’m a new mom. I found it difficult to watch my daughter receive her first round of shots. Is there anything I can do to make it easier on her?" | October 29, 2013

Xavier from Houston asks, "My doctor told me I should wait to get my flu shot because the protection lasts only a few months and the flu season peaks in January, but I keep seeing commercials that say I should get my flu shot right away. When should I get my flu shot and which one should I get?" | October 8, 2013

Caesar from League City asks, "I recently heard news reports on children’s vaccination rates falling in Oregon and the recent outbreak of measles in Texas. Health officials were worried that disease rates would start rising due to a loss of herd immunity. Can you please explain herd immunity?" | September 10, 2013

Alecs from Texas City asks, "I’ve been told that some doctors' offices decline to see children when the parents refuse to follow the recommended vaccine schedule. Why would doctors do that?" | August 13, 2013

Sherry from Santa Fe asks, "Is there any connection between vaccines and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)?" | July 9, 2013

Katie from League City asks, "My husband and I are planning to take our two children on a family trip to Thailand this summer. What vaccinations do we need?" | June 25, 2013

Diane from Galveston asks, "Should I get my child vaccinated for MMR?" | June 11, 2013

Horatio from Dickinson asks, "Last year, I got the flu shot and ended up getting sick. What gives?" | May 14, 2013

Laurie from Galveston asks, "I've heard that vaccines cause autism. Is that true?" | April 16, 2013