Dennis A. Bente, DVM, PhD

The goal of Dr. Bente's research is to better understand the transmission and pathogenesis of tick‐borne hemorrhagic fever viruses and to develop countermeasures to combat the disease. The intersection between arbovirology and hemorrhagic fever research requires an interdisciplinary approach, involving virology (classical techniques as well as molecular techniques such as reverse genetics), immunology (human and animal models), and tick physiology. Dr. Bente's is the first laboratory in the world to establish a tick‐host transmission model in a BSL-4 setting. A number of collaborations have been established with other virologists at UTMB, including Drs. Alan Barrett, Thomas Ksiazek, David Beasley, Alexander Freiberg and Thomas Geisbert, that include studies on Crimean‐Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, Kyasanur forest disease virus, Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever virus, and West‐Nile virus.

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