Gregg Milligan, PhD

The research in my laboratory focuses on cell-mediated immunity to viruses. We utilize a genital herpes simplex virus infection of mice as a model of epithelial and neuronal viral infection. Using vaccination with attenuated strains of HSV-2 as a paradigm for an effective herpes virus vaccine, we are investigating the activation and expression of B and T cell effector function in the genital tract and peripheral nervous system against HSV-2 infection. Additionally, we are examining the differentiation and maintenance of antigen-specific memory CD4+ and CD8+ T cells within the genital mucosa and sensory ganglia. We are also interested in interactions between viral pathogens and the innate immune system and how these interactions shape the adaptive immune response. For these studies we utilize single-cycle flavivirus particles to examine the role of specific pathogen pattern receptors and innate immune signal pathways in the development of innate and adaptive immune responses to West Nile Virus.


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