Janice J. Endsley, PhD

Dr. Endsley's research is focused on mechanisms and regulation of cell mediated immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb). They utilize human subjects, infected human lung tissue, and mouse and humanized mouse models of experimental tuberculosis (TB) for these studies. An important component of her work is investigations to determine how human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) compromises CD8+ T cell and macrophage function in the host immune response to M.tb. The goal of these basic studies is to identify mechanisms whereby the CD8+ T cell subset can be targeted by vaccine adjuvants and/or antigens. Additionally, she has NIH funding to develop the humanized mouse as a small animal model of HIV/M.tb co-infection. Development of this model will greatly enhance capabilities to design and screen innovative prophylactics and therapeutics for TB to use in populations with HIV-compromised immune systems. Through collaborations, she has extended studies of cytotoxic lymphocytes to include natural killer cell function in infectious disease (M.tb, B. anthracis) and reproduction.

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