Jere W. McBride, PhD

My current research interests include identification and molecular characterization of protective immunodeterminants of  Ehrlichia spp., investigation of pathogenic mechanisms and host-pathogen interactions involving secreted effector proteins, understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the adaptation of Ehrlichia to mammalian and arthropod hosts, and translational research directed at the development of diagnostics and vaccines for the ehrlichioses. Mechanisms of immunity and the molecular characteristics and location of protective immunodeterminants has been an area of intensive investigation. Efforts to molecularly define major B cell epitopes in a group of acidic tandem repeat containing proteins, which elicit strong humoral immune responses are being conducted. We are using molecular approaches to investigate novel host-pathogen interactions including the role of nuclear translocated ehrlichial proteins. In addition, we have utilized protein interaction systems to define novel host-pathogen interactions involving secreted tandem repeat proteins with host cell signaling proteins and proteins involved in other molecular processes. Translational research to develop vaccines and diagnostics and to understand concepts that impact these areas including genetic and antigenic diversity of ehrlichiae, are also areas of active investigation.

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