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SPPH National Public Health Seminar Presents, “Mental Health Equity for All: A Public Health Goal”

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The United States is facing a mental health crisis. An estimated one in five U.S. adults or almost 58 million Americans live with a mental illness. Poor mental health affects an individual’s ability to live a fulfilling life and has implications for institutions and communities. Despite the growing need, the current mental health system lacks the capacity to effectively care for this population. Lack of capacity, knowledge, and skills disproportionality impacts historically marginalized populations who experience health care disparities and health disparities. There is a need to identify and understand the root causes of mental health inequities that can inform public health strategies. This presentation will explore mental health as a public health problem in the context of equity and justice.

Presenter: David Auzenne, MPH, Vice President of Health Equity
Date: April 6, 2023
Time: 12-1:15pm
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SPPH National Public Health Seminar Presents
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