PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

Current PhD Students

Nisha Bhattarai, BS (8/2018)
4th year, Biological Sciences
Mentor: A. Murton
Understanding the role of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in skeletal muscle proteolysis resulting in cachexia post burn injury

Kelli Faaitiiti

Kelli Faaitiiti (9/2019)
3rd year, MD/PhD
Mentor: D. Brown

Amy Givan

Amy Givan, MS (9/2019)
3rd year, Exercise Physiology
Mentor: S. Al Snih

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson, BS (8/2017)
4th year, Health Sciences
Mentor: S. Al Snih
Healthcare services utilization and functional outcome disparities among sex, gender, race, and ethnic minority groups

Kseniya Masterova

Kseniya Masterova, BS (9/2019)
3rd year, Biology/Physics MD/PhD
Mentor: E. Volpi

Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard, MS (9/2019)
3rd year, Occupational Therapy
Mentor: J. Baillargeon

Khamron Michaels

Khamron Michaels (8/2020)
2nd year, Respiratory Therapy
Mentor: J. Rojas

Mandi Sonnenfeld

Mandi Sonnenfeld, MOT (8/2016)
4th year, Occupational Therapy
Mentor: S. Al Snih
Vision impairment and frailty among older Mexican-Americans

Emre Vardarli

Emre Vardarli, MS (8/2018)
4th year, Exercise Science
Mentor: A. Murton

Zachary Von Ruff

Zachary Von Ruff (8/2020)
2nd year, Exercise Science
Mentor: B. Rasmussen

Megan Wickliff

Megan Wickliff (8/2021)
1st year, Speech Pathology & Audiology
Mentor: B. Downer