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Purchasing: ePro Quick Reference Guide

Beginning September 1, 2016, any user access request (TIVOLI) submitted by a Trusted Requestor for the PeopleSoft Financial Management System (FMS) eProcurement “ePro Requestor” role will require that the end user attend the ePro Training Lab (PeopleSoft-Financials) class that is presented by the Administrative Systems Training Team before the role is granted.  Further information on UTMB end user class schedules and or registration can be found on the Administrative Systems Training Team website at: 


Information for Correctional Managed Care end users can be obtained by calling Correctional Managed Care Purchasing at (936) 437-6763


eProcurement Quick Reference User Guide

The ePro Quick Reference User Guide, including Helpful Hints and Step-by-Step Instructions, is provided to assist end-users in navigating through the Procure-to-Pay process and how to use PeopleSoft eProcurement.

PeopleSoft is an integrated software application that performs Financial Management functions, such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Travel & Expense, Asset Management, and Grants Management. Information that is entered in one application carries over into other PeopleSoft modules.

The eProcurement module is a web-based purchasing system designed to provide UTMB end-users with online creation and submission of requisitions. Additionally, based on the funding department number, project number, and commodity being requested, ePro electronically routes the requisition to the appropriate individuals for review and approval.

Since PeopleSoft is an integrated system, it is important that the end-user enter the correct information on the requisition the first time so accurate information carries forward on the purchase order and on to other PS modules including Accounts Payable, Asset Management, Grants, and General Ledger.

The Procure-to-Pay process begins when a Requester creates a requisition. When the Requisition has been approved and successfully budget checked, a Buyer creates or the system auto-generates a purchase order and it is dispatched to the vendor. After the merchandise/service has been received and inspected, the vendor's invoice can be vouchered and paid.


For further assistance or questions regarding eProcurement, Purchasing, DEP Procedures, Requisitions, and Purchase Orders, please contact the Purchasing Help Desk at ext. 78000 or via e-mail

Additionally, for assistance regarding receipts, returns, or problems related to the receipt of merchandise, contact the PO Problem Resolution Desk at ext. 25341 or via e-mail


Helpful Hints
Avoiding Common Problems Related to DEP Orders
When Do I Need to Create a PS Receipt?
How Do I Resolve Price Discrepancies Between the PO Price and the Invoice Price?
How Does the On-Line PO Change Request Process Work?
Closing Out Old Purchase Orders to Liquidate an Open Encumbrance
Remember, Certain Restrictions Apply to Federal Funds
How to Re-Submit Requisition for Approval
UTMB SC Transformation Requisitioning Presentation
Category Code Crosswalk
PS 9.1 ePro Updated Instructions
How to Create an ePro Requisition
How to Direct Receive (DRC) Merchandise in ePro
How to Create Animal Orders
How to Create a PO Change Request
How to ePro Approvers Review PO Change Request Increases
How the DEP Buyer Approves a PO Change Request
How to Update the Account and AM Profile on a Requisition
How to Create a Blanket Requisition
How to Select the Catergory Code on a Requisition
How to Create a Requisition for Next Fiscal Year (NFY)
ePro Step-by-Step Instructions
How to Use PO Activity Summary in ePro
How to Use PO Inquiry in ePro
How to Monitor PO Change Requests
How to Change the Ship to Address on a Requisition
How to Change the Location of Where Merchandise will be Delivered
How to Change Chartfield Distributions on a Requisition
How to Check Signature Table for Active Approvers
How to Add Line items to a Requisition
How to Add a Manufacturer ID for UCLIN Special Requests - Goods Requisition
How to Add a Vendor Item ID to a Special Requests - Goods Requisition
How to Attach a Created or Scanned Document to a Requisition
Research MarketPlace Quick Reference Guide
Research MarketPlace Training Manual for Requisitioners
How to Use PeopleSoft Requisition Templates

As an Approver, How to Review the Origin Code and Budget Date for Next Fiscal Year Requisitions


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