AHEC Scholars Program

What is the AHEC Scholars program?

The AHEC Scholars Program is for current health profession students interested in gaining additional training and team-based clinical experiences working in rural areas and/or with underserved populations. The program is open to students in disciplines that support primary health care services delivery including both clinical roles, such as physician, physician assistant, nurse, pharmacist, surgical technologist, radiologic technologist, mental health counselor, addiction counselor and clinical lab scientist, and non-clinical roles such as social workers, community health workers, and others.

AHEC Scholars will practice interprofessional collaboration and better position themselves to join a well-prepared diverse and culturally competent primary care workforce demonstrating team-based care as an element of practice transformation and achieving more effective patient outcomes.

Eligibility criteria will be assessed via a formal application process for students enrolled in either a health professions or allied health workforce degree/certificate program. Each class of Scholars will reflect a diverse student body with students from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented minorities.

This program supplements students’ existing health professions programs. Participation commitment is for at least 2 years* and culminates in completion or graduation from a certificate or degree program. Project is currently in the development stage.

*Some health profession programs such as community health workers (CHWs) will only require a commitment of 1 year.






Eligible Disciplines

Why AHEC Scholars?

  • Enhance healthcare knowledge in clinical and community settings
  • Positively impact underserved communities
  • Engage with interdisciplinary teams
  • Gain career development skills
  • Resume building opportunities
  • Networking with like-minded healthcare providers
  • Commencement Recognition

Who can be an AHEC Scholar?

  • Interested in underserved and/or rural healthcare
  • Currently enrolled in at least a 2-year health professions program
  • Willing to immerse yourself in didactic and experiential opportunities

What is Involved?

  • 40 hours of didactics (variety of learning modalities available including online) each year for two-years
  • 40 hours of experiential learning (simulations, community service, clinical rotations) each year for two-years
  • Commitment to completing the two-year program

Concurrent Credit?

Many of the AHEC Scholar requirements can be satisfied by the didactic and experiential learning you are already completing for your degree program and in extra-curricular activities.  Ask us about your specific program!


What do I need to Apply?

  • Completed Application 
  • Personal Statement

Applications are completed via web link HERE or in the drop-down menu of the AHEC Scholars Tab at the top of the page. Your personal statement should be uploaded before you hit submit.

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