Monthly Parking Fees

  1. Once an account has been voided for non-payment and payment is still not made for that month, the parking account is made inactive and the customer loses their parking space.
  2. Delinquent accounts not paid are turned over to a collection agency. These accounts are 60-90 days overdue when sent to the collection agency.


  1. Within 7 days from the date a violation is discovered, a notice is sent that a fee is due. The notice will also state a due date. If not paid by the due date, the customer’s parking access will be made inactive.
  2. After 30 days on the inactive account, outstanding violation fees are turned over to a collection agency.

Any outstanding fees that are turned over to the collection agency can be paid either to UTMB Parking Facilities or directly to the collection agency.

Returned Checks

  1. When a check is returned from the bank -- if it is from an employee and Parking Facilities can contact them by e-mail -- they will be sent notification to pay for the returned check and the service charge by the 3rd day. If the returned check is not paid and the employee has parking, their parking privileges will be terminated.
  2. When a check is returned from the bank and it is from someone that is not an employee, they will be sent a notification letter to pay for the returned check and the service charge by the 10th day.
  3. When a returned check remains unpaid past the due date, the outstanding balance will be turned over to the DA’s office or a collection agency.

Handicapped Parking

UTMB provides designated parking spaces for those vehicles duly registered and properly identified as provided by law (Texas Transportation Code, 681, et seq.). Parking Operations requests that you inform them of your handicap space needs to ensure space availability in the assigned parking facility.

For more information, please call the Parking Facilities Office at (409) 266-PARK (7275).

Please remember that all parking regulations are enforced 7 days a week.

Citation Appeal Process

If you wish to appeal a citation, go to No phone calls or in person requests will be considered. All appeals must be submitted ONLINE within three (3) business days from the date the citation was issued. Enter the requested information to view the violation, then click on the blue text describing the violation, and review the citation details. Click the appeal button located in the lower left corner of the screen.

A determination will be made within three (3) business days of the date the appeal was submitted and an email notification will be sent.

Note: Multiple photos are recorded of each citation at time of issue.

Parking Alternatives

  • With the high price of fuel and highway congestion caused by construction along the I-45 corridor, many commuters are looking for commuting alternatives. UTMB has created a Web site that offers an easy way for commuters to find a vanpool, share a ride, or find others interested in carpooling. The site also offers links to freeway cams and road construction reports, links to vanpool information, and even local bus routes and gas prices. For details visit
  • For those that live in Galveston, the City and UTMB have partnered to create an extended transit service to meet the needs of the university's employees and students. Under the agreement, UTMB employees, students, and retirees are able to ride for free on city buses and trolleys by showing their UTMB identification cards.
  • Dual Parking – If a contract holder needs parking for more than one area on campus an email requesting dual parking will be sufficient.
  • Carpooling – If a contract holder has other employees that ride with them and will need access to their parking area; an email requesting carpooling and giving the name(s) of their carpooler(s) will be sufficient.

If you have any questions related to parking or need additional information, please contact UTMB Parking Facilities at or call (409) 772-1581 or (409) 266-PARK (7275).

Parking Communication FAQs

What do parking fees cover?

UTMB Parking Operations is an auxiliary service that does not receive any direct funding from the state and is required to be financially self-sufficient by The University of Texas System. Parking fees are meant to cover all costs of managing parking on UTMB campuses. Such costs include staff salaries and benefits, utilities and other operating costs associated with parking facilities, capital improvements to parking facilities, maintenance costs and any debt service for loans used to build parking garages or surface lots.

UTMB’s Parking Operations is committed to continually strengthening the service level provided to our customers. Revenue generated by Parking Operations will be used to maintain the lots and garages and reinvest in improvements when needed.

Why are rates different for various locations?

Parking rates reflect relative demand for various garages. Those with the highest rates have the longest waiting lists. Charging lower rates on less-congested garages provides an incentive for employees to park in those locations, which may help shorten the overall waiting list for parking. All surface lots will still charge $42/month.

Where can visitors to my department on Galveston Campus park?

Non-contract public parking is available in Garage 2 (UHC Garage), Garage 8 ( Hospital Garage), and the Primary Care Pavilion surface lot at no cost to them with proper validation. .

How can I get a RFID tag for the Park & Ride Lot?

You will need to fill out the form and pay $25.00 for the new tag. Call (409) 772-1581 or (409) 266-PARK (7275) after you filled the form out. Click here for the RFID Tag Form

Does the Parking Office have a drop box after hours?

The Alumni Field House operates as an after hours and weekend drop box location for the parking offices for those last minute drop box items. Just leave your name, phone number and employee number along with our drop.