Welcome to "Business Operations & Facilities of UTMB Health"

Welcome to the Business Operations and Facilities web page. Business Operations and Facilities support UTMB through many of the business and facilities processes. We are proud of the work we do, and the support we provide to UTMB. We help purchase supplies and equipment you use to do your job; we manage utilities, and maintain our facilities and equipment through renovation and construction projects; visitors, students and staff visit our gift shop; students and staff shop in the bookstore and workout in the field house. The list goes on, and I invite you to take time to go through our website and visit our various web pages.

We developed this website to help you find the information you need to do your job. We have provided links to forms and services, lists of employees with contact numbers, and maps to help you travel across our ever changing campus. This site is an ever-evolving project, and we welcome your input.


Michael Shriner, AIA, MBA
Vice President
Business Operations and Facilities
The University of Texas Medical Branch

Business Operations & Facilities

Business Operations & Facilities is an integrated support department comprised of the following service areas:

Auxiliary Enterprises


Students, employees and staff can find text books, medical equipment, uniforms, clothing, and various supplies for sale in the bookstore.

Field House
Recreational facilities and education for students, employees, staff, retirees and alumni.

Hospital Gift Shop
The gift shop is located on the first floor of John Sealy Hospital.

Parking for students, employees, patients and visitors. We also provide a free shuttle lot and transportation.

Retail Food Services
Retail food outlets can be found in various locations on campus.

Student Housing
Convenient and affordable housing for students. Dormitories, Ferry Road Apartments, and Fraternities.

Environmental Health & Safety


EHS works with our customers to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards in support of the UTMB mission to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world.Responsibilities include oversight of the following areas:

  • Biosafety
  • Environmental Protection Management
  • Life Safety
  • Radiation Safety
  • Occupational Safety
  • Environment of Care
Facilities Design & Construction


Facilities Design and Construction helps UTMB accomplish its academic, healthcare, research, and public service mission by providing responsive and high quality services for a safe and functional physical environment. They develop scopes of work, budgets, schedules, and manage the construction on approved projects.

  • Jennie Sealy Replacement Hospital and Clinical Services Wing Management
  • Facilities Design & Construction
  • Master Specifications
  • Ike Recovery Management
  • Office of Facilities Planning & Construction/UT System
  • Ike-related Support Contractors: JL Witt & Associates; MFR
Facilities Portfolio Management


Facilities Portfolio Management supports the UTMB strategic plan by providing current facilities data and projections for future growth.  They manage real estate, space, space policy, facility condition, and provide facility strategic plan to support UTMB's future.

  • Campus Flood Mitigation Plan
  • Facility Documentation
  • Historical Building Inventory
  • Master Plan - Maintains and updates the Facilities Master Plan and the Facilities Capital Improvement Plan
  • Real Estate Management
  • Strategic Planning and Space Management - Annual Assessment; Departmental Needs and Gap Analysis; Projections of Future Need
  • UTMB Flood Protection Levels
Facilities Risk Management


Facilities Risk Management is a newly created division of the Business Operation and Facilities group. Responsibilities include oversight of the following areas:.

Property Services

Maintains UTMB facilities including asset reliability, elevators, the paint program, building systems infrastructure, and grounds. Responsible for physical facilities compliance with regulatory agencies. Responsible for all Environmental Services and Clinical Equipment Services activities.

Academic, Business, Clinical and Research Properties

Environmental Services

Supply Chain Management


Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable is responsible for processing the payment of goods and services to both internal and external vendors in compliance with UTMB standard practices and external regulations/requirements. The payment processes that are administered by Payables include: Travel and Expense Reports, Non-Purchase Order Payments and Purchase Order Payments. Accounts Payable works closely with Logistics and Purchasing to accomplish their goal of accurate payment processing and building vendor/supplier relationships.

Customer Support & Help Desk
The Customer Support & Help Desk team provides customer services and support for those who order goods and services for their department. They provide PeopleSoft eProcurement problem resolution, training, and updates on processes and procedures.

Cylinder Operations
Materials Management Warehouse Operations supplies UTMB with various cylinder gases and liquid nitrogen. They are also responsible for tracking all refillable cylinder types received through Central Receiving and delivered to customer locations.

Data Analytics
This group provides supply chain data to the institution. They are an active part of the Value Analysis team, and can provide reports to departments showing spending patterns and product utilization figures. They are also responsible for creating and maintaining electronic supply catalogs.

Health Care Supply & Distribution
Supply chain activities for UTMB's hospital and clinic operations are managed by Clinical Supply Services. They store and distribute medical supplies. You'll notice Omnicells throughout the hospitals and clinics. This group is responsible for keeping these filled with the supplies needed to serve our patients.

HUB & Federal Small Business Program
The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, through its State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business and Federal Small Business Programs, is fully committed to the Good Faith Effort to enhance the opportunity of State certified HUBs and small business concerns, including, small disadvantaged (SDB), women-owned small business (WOSB), veteran- owned small business (VOSB), service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) and HUB Zone small business (HUB Zone), participating in the State and Federal marketplace. UTMB's diversity program was established to identify and encourage participation in the competitive bid process, increase the number of contracts and dollars awarded to State Hubs and small business concerns, (SDBs, WOSB, Hub Zone, VOSB, SDVOSB), create a fair and open competitive market, and improve community awareness.

Monitors Logistics Supply Chain Software Systems (MMIS Stock Inventory, AtPar, Acutrax Cylinder, Catalyst Punch-out Program, Materials Management Shopping Cart, Omnicell/Optiflex) to ensure availability and accuracy. Responsible for providing reports to assist in various activities throughout Logistics. Also maintains the Supply Chain web site.

Inventory Warehouse
Responsible for providing various consumable medical and surgical supplies, dry ice, gas cylinders and hurricane supplies to UTMB departments. These supplies are stored in the warehouse on 13th and Strand, and can be delivered to you, or the customer can go to the warehouse to pick up their supplies.

Mail Services
Responsible for processing U.S. Postal Service inbound and outbound mail as well as all inter-campus mail. Mail Services works with customers to ensure that UTMB stays in compliance with all postal mailing guidelines and regulations. They also assist customers with obtaining the proper design and mailing formats including Business Reply mail formats. Mail Services issues and maintains all UTMB Mail Route Codes.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for securing the purchase of supplies, equipment, and services for The University of Texas Medical Branch. We ensure efficient and cost-effective practices, operating under the framework of Texas State law, Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS), the University of Texas System Board of Regents Rules and Regulations, and institutional policies and procedures.

Receiving / Delivery / Shipping
This area receives all merchandise coming into UTMB and delivers it to the appropriate department. While out on their routes the delivery personnel will also pick up surplus items and deliver them to the Surplus Inventory Area (after you have completed the appropriate forms and have them approved). They can also help you ship UTMB outbound packages.

Surplus Property
Responsible for the storage, management and disposal of UTMB's surplus property. Departments send a variety of equipment and furniture to the surplus warehouse, where it is made available to be used by other UTMB departments and state agencies. Surplus property that is not reclaimed is then sold in a public auction.



Responsible for Energy Management (controlling building environment and using energy in the most efficient manner); Main Plants (water, steam, chilled water, electricity, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer); Engineering and Trades Support (work with contractors and design professionals to ensure we have the most effective and efficient utilities); Operations Center (dispatch work via the 21586 call center)

Utilities Business Operations

District Energy Operation

Utilities Engineering