The Campus-based Advocacy Evaluation Toolkit
Advocacy is a potentially powerful tool for addressing and mitigating some of the effects of intimate partner violence and sexual assault victimization. Community-based advocacy models, such as those in shelters and non-residential centers, have strong evidence of improving outcomes for survivors. College campuses have been adapting advocacy models for survivors of violence but with little evaluation. Evaluation is vital for campus-based advocacy to improve services for survivors, highlight advocate and survivor strengths, and provide evidence of the beneficial impact of programs. The Campus-based Advocacy Evaluation Toolkit provides guidance and tools for implementation and evaluation.

The Toolkit
Campus-Based Advocacy Evaluation Toolkit

The Toolkit was designed to be adapted for use to help campuses evaluate advocacy services for sexual assault and intimate partner violence survivors.

Download the Toolkit here. 

The Adaptable Logic Model
Adaptable logic model

The adaptable logic model is used to guide program implementation and outcomes.

 Download the logic model here.

Brief Survey
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The brief survey can be adapted and used by programs to assess survivor experience in services.

 Download the brief survey here.

Impact Survey
Impact Survey

The impact survey can be used to assess short and long-term impacts of campus-based advocacy.

 Download the impact survey here.