Impact: Photography and Film Showings


        Pandemic Perspectives     

Oral History project highlighting the diversity of community members in Galveston, Texas by giving participants a 35mm camera, one roll of film, and as few boundaries as possible to show their life during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Guillot-Wright, S., Cherryhomes, E. (2020) Pandemic Perspectives: A Community-Based Photovoice and Oral History Project. Academies Collaborative, Galveston, TX.

Film Showings:

(2021) Public Viewing and Auction at the Grand Opera House; Proceeds from the auction donated to the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO


        Anonymous Health

The American College of Physicians (ACP) considers unauthorized immigrants’ lack of access to health care a serious national public health problem. It argues that current legislation and policies increase the fear of immigration status exposure, resulting in limited utilization of health care services. According to Hacker, et al. (2015) individual-level barriers include language, lack of financial resources, and justifiable or non-justifiable fear of deportation. “Anonymous Health” opens with a recent (2017) story of an undocumented immigrant. The title references both the patient’s anonymity as well as his desire to keep his health condition a secret because of deportation fears. “I asked if he was okay,” said the student assisting him, “and he asked me, with a trembling voice, ‘Are you going to call the police on me?’” The film ends with information about how to access health care services if you are an undocumented immigrant.

Film Awards:
-Selected for the National Academy of Medicine's Visualize Health Equity pop-up gallery in Washington, D.C.
-Selected for the American Public Health Association's Global Public Health Film Festival
-On permanent display at: