How Do You Choose a Laboratory?

Prior to arriving at UTMB, PREP students are asked about their research interests. The students are directed to appropriate graduate program websites to view faculty research programs with descriptions and publications of their current research. The PREP committee recommends faculty mentors* based on their history of training undergraduate and graduate students, the availability of appropriate projects, and adequate laboratory funding. With advice from the program directors and faculty, students are asked to choose 3-5 possible mentors. During orientation, PREP students will have the opportunity to meet with these faculty members and explore whether the lab will be a good match for their interests. The choice of mentor is finalized with the Program Directors.

The basic criteria for inclusion as a mentor are:

  • faculty member with grant support
  • availability of appropriate projects
  • faculty member in one or more graduate programs
  • a successful history of mentoring graduate and undergraduate students
  • a stated desire to mentor students from backgrounds underrepresented in the sciences, with successful records in such mentorship taken into consideration

* Participating faculty attend mentor training workshops