The Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)

Are you interested in earning a PhD in the biomedical sciences, but desire additional research training before applying to graduate school?

This certificate program is for academically talented post-baccalaureate individuals in the sciences who are highly motivated to pursue a PhD and desire additional research experience and career skills training prior to applying to PhD programs. It is designed to immerse students in a top tier research environment coupled with multi-level mentoring and academic skills activities to enhance scholar’s competitiveness for graduate school. Scholars must have completed their BS degree less than 3 years before entering this certificate program.

Program Start Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Advantages of Advanced Biomedical Training

Median earnings for doctoral trained individuals is ~1.5X that for a bachelor's level and ~1.3 fold higher than that for a MS level. This is a significant enhancement in lifetime earnings.

Research in biomedical science is working on the future of medicine. This is a great career if you want to have a big impact on people and their health. You can work in a number of different venues:

  • Academic institutions
  • Pharmaceutical & biotech industry
  • State and federal governments
  • Law offices
  • Publishing and communications companies
  • Financial institutions

Experience personal and professional growth & a great career:

  • Interact with scientists across the country and around the world
  • Travel the world to attend meetings and conferences
  • Pursue your own ideas and explore the unknown Every Day!

Features of the PREP

One year program for US residents:

  • Provides a full year salary in an active research lab with full health benefits.
  • Provides enrichment activities to build skills and confidence to succeed at the doctoral level.
  • Allows students to develop a research project under the guidance of an established faculty member.
  • Provides a multiple-layer supportive mentored environment for each student, including peer mentors as an integral component.
  • Incorporates an individual student development plan that uses novel interactive activities to engage students and help them in realistic goal setting.
  • provides assistance for application to any national graduate program
  • Provides assistance for application to PhD programs.
  • Provides academic skills and research integrity training.

Advising in the PREP

Students will receive personalized advice and guidance while they are in the program.

  • Students meet with the PREP Directors every term.
  • Students are matched with a graduate student who will be their "peer mentor".
  • The PREP Directors are available to meet with PREP students to help with any issues or problems that may arise during the program
  • The PREP coordinator handles day-to-day issues and is available to direct students to the extensive resources for students on the UTMB campus

For further information and application materials, please contact: