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Reproductive Ethics Conference

-, 2025 - -

The Ninth Annual Reproductive Ethics Conference will be held Jan. 9 and 10, 2025, in Galveston. Abstracts for individual presentations, panels, and posters are accepted through Aug. 1, 2024.

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Rebecca Permar - Work in Progress

, 2021 - -

IBHH graduate student Rebecca Permar presented a draft of her presentation "Cute or Dangerous? The Aesthetics of Emerging Technologies" for the upcoming ASBH conference in October 2021

Racism is a Public Health Crisis: What Does This Mean For Ethical Research?

, 2021 - -

Over 150 counties, cities, and states have also declared racism a public health issue. Statements and declarations of this sort are a much needed first step in attacking issues of systemic racial oppression such as racial disparities in health outcomes, racial inequities in social determinants of health, and racial bias in health care and biomedical research. But it is not enough.