BSHS Selective

General Information

  • Basic Science and Humanities Selectives (BSHS) are 3-week modules designed to promote life-long learning of basic sciences, social sciences or humanities among our senior medical students.

  • Successful completed of a least one BSHS is a requirement for graduation.

  • BSHS Syllabus


Selecting the right selective


  • For existing selectives: Review the prerequisites for the desired selective shown in the online brochure. Please check whether completing a C-form is required. If so, please fully complete the C-form and obtain the faculty member's signature before submitting to enrollment services. If not, please enroll online and do not complete a C-form as this may delay/impede enrollment of the selective.

  • For new selectives: Please complete the following online form (login is required): "Add a Selective". Then have the faculty member carefully review it. Your selective proposal will be reviewed by the BSHS committee, and the entire approval process can take from 6 to 8 weeks. Upon approval, a C-form will be completed on your behalf to enroll you in the newly created selective.


UTMB selectives must include either original research, a scholarly project, or an immersion experience which emphasizes in-depth study of one or more basic science, social science or humanities topics. Any of these must result in a graded written scholarly product of at least 10 pages in length.

Excellence in Basic Science or Humanities Selective Essay Award

Student papers may be nominated by their faculty director for the John P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine Award.  This award was established for excellence in Basic Science or Humanities for an essay written by a senior medical students taking a BSH selective course.  Here is the grading rubric for scoring guidelines for this award.

Evaluations (required)

  • Click here for a sample copy of the evaluation form for the selective course and faculty.

  • Click here for a sample copy of the form for evaluation of the student by faculty member.


Please contact Kimberly Turner (409-747-1739) if you have any questions or need assistance.